Greek White Wines

Greek White Wines


Gerovassiliou malagouzia white


Bright blonde with greenish glint colour. Expressive aroma, with impressions that bringmemories of exotic fruits together with pepper, orange, jasmine, herbs & lemon. Render full of softness, yet rich & harmonious with pleasant vividness & lemon after-finish.



Your brain on Wine

Every wine  drinker is familiar with the feelings after drinking a fresh glass of java.

Be Grateful.

It’s really simple. What is one thing today you are really grateful for? What is another? If you can list 3 things a day, you’ll see you have much more going for you than you thought. Soon your list will get so long you’ll be beaming with energy.

  1. Wine shouldn’t be thought of as magic bullets for creativity.
  2. They are ways to create chemical changes that occur naturally in your body.
  3. Quality sleep, a healthy diet, and allowing yourself to take breaks.

We are all human as well and humans are not perfect creatures. When you learn to accept yourself, true happiness quickly arises.

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